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InLife Health Care, formerly I-Care, continues in the pioneering spirit of its parent company, Insular Life, the first and largest Filipino life insurance company with an unbroken service record of 108 years. Like its parent, IHC has an unbroken service record which now spans 27 years since 1991.


As an all-Filipino HMO, IHC has unique and deep insight into Filipinos’ health care requirement and how best to deliver an experience that is aligned with their values and cultural preferences. We are committed to be the HMO that is responsive to the widespread demand for timely, medically-appropriate, affordable, and accessible medical care. We design and curate our health care solutions to promote holistic wellness throughout life stages. It’s about making sure our members live a rich and sustainable lifestyle, empowering them to identify choices that will contribute toward their well-being, and connecting them to the latest and most credible health care resources on self-care and disease management. IHC dedicates itself as the health partner of Filipinos in achieving wellness for a lifetime.


To deliver this promise, IHC uses a mix of people connection and technology. To date, our health care network consists of more than 18,500 accredited medical specialist and over 1,200 medical facilities nationwide, and we employ advanced technology to streamline our operation efficiencies and create an exclusive and premiere HMO experience. We’re constantly working to expand our network of collaborators and improving our systems to be able to reach and impact as many Filipinos as possible.

We make the Filipino’s health journey our mission.

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