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“We Serve, We Care, We Share,
Committed to Provide Quality Health Care Service.”
Mission Statement
To provide quality and holistic health care service for all through modern state of the art equipments and advanced medical management at an affordable cost.
Vision Statement
To become a tertiary referral center equipped with modern facilities and services at the southwest of Angeles City.
“We Serve, We Care, We Share, Committed to Providing Quality Health Care Service.”
Company Principles
Everyone in the company is committed to satisfy our customers by ensuring that every task is performed with the highest standard of quality and safety and by continuously seeking to improve everything that we do and by working as a team.
We recognize our social and civic responsibilities for the growth and welfare of every patient. In our policies and undertakings, we shall adhere and uphold the following principles:
• Strive for Excellence
By developing our people to possess a proper work attitude, as it is through this that excellent product quality can be achieved.
• Mutual Trust and Confidence
As the key to a harmonious relationship with our people.
• Management by Example
As the most effective means of leading our people towards noble objectives and goals.
• Concern for the Common Good
Means for the good of all and not just for the majority.
• Equal Opportunity
Based on performance.
• Continuous Improvement
Instill in every employee the principle that there is always a better way of doing things.

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