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L’Altra Montessori School Inc. is an exclusive educational institution which adheres to the basic foundation that every child is a unique individual with its own biological make – up, interests, capabilities and ways of viewing the world. We believe in educating the whole child thru a continual process filled with opportunities that will help him reach his fullest potential.
*Individualized attention to each child.
*Each child is regarded as a distinct and unique person.
*Children create themselves through purposeful activities.
*Opportunity for the child to progress at his own speed.
*Independence thru – care is developed within a child.
*Emphasis on understanding not just rote learning.
*Prepared environment for child’s initiative leading to the development of self-confidence.
*Child’s natural desire to learn is cultivated.
*Limited number of children per class
Preschool (15-25) Grade School (20-30)
High School (25-35)
This institution envisions in becoming an exemplary and indispensable element in changing the lives of young people by providing excellent and quality education.
LMSI is committed to provide a unique and quality education, advance in academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual life, geared towards strengthening the child and prepare him/her for life and a better future.
Guided by its vision and mission, LMSI aims to:
1. Provide a prepared environment that readily conditions the child to work and concentrate.
2. Offer individualized attention to each child and give him/her the opportunity to learn and develop according to his/her own intellectual learning growth pattern and pace in both cognitive and affective areas.
3. Encourage the child’s initiative that leads to the development of the child’s self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth stressing the affective and cognitive needs of the child.
4. Discover and develop the maximum potentialities of each child thru a variety of carefully selected and tested Montessori materials and meaningful experiences considering his/her interest and capabilities.
In the light of LMSI’s Statement of Philosophy and based on the objectives set by the Department of Education, L’Altra Montessori’s Grade School commits itself to the attainment of the following development objectives:
1. To help each student reach full potential in all areas of life, through a well-defined educational program.
2. To provide the basic knowledge and develop the foundational skills, attitude and values including their moral and spiritual dimension essential to the child’s personal development.
3. To provide learning experiences which increase the child’s awareness of and responsiveness to the changes of society and to prepare him/her for constructive and effective involvement.
4. To promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of identification with love for the nature and the people to which he/she belongs.
5. To promote work experience which develops and enhances the child’s orientation to the world of work and creativity in order to prepare them for life and how to engage in honest and gainful undertaking.
The above stated objectives of elementary education contemplates the 4H (Head, Heart, Hands and Health) development of the youth dealing with the promotion of intellectual growth, worthy values, skills and physical well – being.
1. To continue to promote the objectives of Elementary Education but shifting in emphasis from the mastery of basic tools of learning, expression and understanding to the use and extension of the tools to further explore and acquire intellectual, social, moral and physical concepts, ideas, attributes and skills in order to develop the whole human being.
2. To discover and enhance in addition, the different aptitudes and interests of the individual student so as to equip him/her with skills to productive endeavor and thus prepare him/her for work in the real world and for further formal studies in higher education.

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