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Koko Buri is an International Restaurant. It’s well known for its Famous Soy Garlic Chicken and the Nagasaki Champon.
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Etymologically speaking, the name Koko Buri is derived from “Buri” which means “I Like” in the Pampango language, and “Koko” which is a word synonymous to chicken. Thus, Koko Buri is translated to “I Like Chicken.”
While Koko Buri draws customers to a great variety of fine dining and semi fine dining options, from its signature fried chicken choices, comfortable bar-like ambience to friendly servicing and wide array of menus, it takes an impelling thrust for a family restaurant like Koko Buri to satisfy everyone’s gustatory pleasure.
With the perfected conception of its menu, Koko Buri offers a savoring experience for customers to enjoy many of its food galore like the Nagasaki Champon, which became an instant hit, delicious pizzas, pasta, rice meals, salads and others cooked and served in authentic fashion.

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