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It is my greatest honor and pleasure, as a ‘first-hand witness’ of what JOCSON COLLEGE has reached this far in the 21st century!

Looking back as an early teenaged girl, many dozen decades ago, I could recall more than a thousand and one instances on the countless struggles of the College, both noteworthy and not. Yet courageously, my late mother and Founder , Ms. Felisa Gomez Jocson ,the stern but most understanding of all, did muster the challenges with much concern and dexterity.

To this date, the college has continued to take upon the various endeavors and responsibilities entrusted to us to undertake. It is sheer honesty and gladness to share that having implemented the Founder’s wishes, coupled with relevant counsels and reminders made an impact to what our institution stands for today.

“Pursuit of Excellence” our guiding principle has always been demonstrated to be focused in our mandate that is to conduct our academic programs and courses in conformity with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Department of Education and Supervising Agencies. Thus, all the years, in the midst of rapid developments and influx of globalization, the College has surfaced as a steadfast and resilient educational institution. More important, the aspiration toward relentless improvement of our vocational and technological programs to serve humanity has remained a priori our hearts and minds.

The contributions made by all administrative, professional and support staff, past and present are sincerely acknowledged. Everyone did play his major or minor role that has helped shape the College form its inception in 1950 up to this present time. To all I would say you have become part of the JOCSON COLLEGE Family!

Working hand in hand alongside our numerous networking partners has extensively improved our capacities and resources. Challenges were surmountable too through the invaluable support from governmental offices and agencies.

I greatly thank God, our Almighty … for His endless love, care and further blessings on our TVE journey!


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