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Army Navy Burger Inc. is a food service company pioneered in the Philippines which specializes in a unique burger + burrito concept. References rooted in the military denote a culture of discipline, command, service, freedom and honor. Army Navy Burger Inc. envisions to be the leading burger + burrito food service retailer providing customers with a great dining experience one visit at a time.


March 23, 2009 marked the birth of the very first ARMY NAVY BURGER + BURRITO concept store in Tagaytay City, South of Metro Manila. Situated along the Tagaytay Ridge and overlooking the famous volcano nestled in between twin lakes, the concept quickly gained a following despite the absence of traditional advertising. Relying solely on positive word-of-mouth, the consistent quality and excellent tasting products have become popular and sought after in a short span of time.

Growth for the concept is envisioned to cover major cities in Metro Manila thereby allowing more customers to partake of its unique range of tasty products.


ARMY NAVY BURGER + BURRITO is a casual service restaurant offering a diversified menu of fresh-made premium quality burgers and burritos. Popular bestsellers include the Bully Boy Burger, a triple-patty burger topped with onions, lettuce and tomato in a black & white sesame seed Kaiser Bun and the Steak Burrito made with 100% high-quality beef.

Each restaurant’s architectural design takes inspiration from military Quonset Huts commonly described as “lightweight prefabricated structures of corrugated galvanized iron having a semicircular cross section”. Developed during World War I, it served a variety of purposes from housing a platoon’s barracks to providing temporary detachment facilities for the military.

Combined with other elements iconic to the Army and Navy experience, all these come together to create a themed story anchored around great food commonly associated with good times at camp.

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