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Young’s Bookstore

Young’s Bookstore belongs to one of the vintage establishments found along the intersection of Angeles City or also known as the town’s Rotonda.
Most moms would even recommend this place to the younger generation because of the good quality of the products they were able to buy for years. Also, it has been known that Young’s Bookstore is considered to be a trailblazer in the city for it was the very first business who caters office and school supplies.This business all started from a simple dream of providing quality products that will play a vital role to their daily tasks. Whatever we do, we usually make use of the different materials that are related to doing a paperwork but these is eminent to the people who are on the academe. Young’s Bookstore used to be a simple shop composed of few employees and the materials that were sold here were not yet complete. Years passed by as this new market entrant became continuously famous through the word-of-mouth. It is because at that time, Young’s Bookstore was the only shop in town that primarily sells office materials ranging from a small pen up to the largest art material that you can remember.
Young’s Bookstore was founded in 1977 and over the years it eventually became a reputable business found at the heart of the city. Parents who were frequent customers of this store will definitely passed down the good image of the establishment by encouraging their children to purchase products at Young’s Bookstore. The people have patronized this place since then and it is because of the consistency that the business provides as well as the customer satisfaction they always get from the products they have bought. Young’s Bookstore then continued its future along with the emergence of new school supply establishments that are just new in the market.

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