Emerigo Hotel was formerly known as Blue Nile Executive Hotel that can found within the entertainment district along the Fields Avenue. This hotel mainly prospects the mid-class market and is highly commendable by groups of customers who are also loyal expats of the Walking Street. For customers who would not mind the distinctive noise of […]

Phoenix Hotel is one of the mythical creatures during the ancient times. It symbolizes respect, protection and longevity. Just like how Phoenix Hotel offers to its guests, they ensure quality and safety once they step foot inside the hotel. As a literal phoenix that signifies permanence, this hotel has been firmly standing for 22 years […]

Savannah Resort Hotel  is a literal field of grass that is mostly found in tropical places. Usually, savannah plains are good source of fresh air and cool breeze that are often visited by tourists for it is a good refuge after a long day of travel. Savannah Resort hotel connotes this concept that will certainly […]

M Suites Condotel is one of the travelers choices when it comes to the quality of sleep and assistance you can obtain from a condo-hotel setting. The continuous emergence of the condominium-hotel setup has been highly demanded by a lot of travelers and long-time tourists. Undoubtedly, the city of Angeles became one big factor why […]

Apollonia Royale Hotel is the newly built resting place found amidst the bombarded area of the entertainment district. When it comes to this industry, this hotel is just a newbie since it was just freshly established in February 2014. One surprising thing about this new hotel is that even though the business has just started […]