Ginger’s Cafe Bistro is one good place to try because of its mouthwatering food servings complimented by its nice and cozy ambience According to a lot of people, this place is like a reflection of the metro’s high-end diners and it is definitely a gem found along the famous Perimeter road. It is actually a […]

Phoenix Hotel is one of the mythical creatures during the ancient times. It symbolizes respect, protection and longevity. Just like how Phoenix Hotel offers to its guests, they ensure quality and safety once they step foot inside the hotel. As a literal phoenix that signifies permanence, this hotel has been firmly standing for 22 years […]

Lewis Grand Hotel is one of the luxurious hotels built within the vicinity of Angeles area. It seems like a white castle has been established along the avenue of Perimeter Road. An Italianate architectural structure polished with ivory white color and a wide driveway, these are the first things you will see that will definitely […]

Eurotel Hotel belongs to one of the astounding structures built amidst the busy streets of Fields Avenue. It is painted with a blend of emerald green, scarlet and white with green translucent glass windows. It mainly focuses on the mid-class market that offers not too high but not too cheap price line. Fashioned after the […]

Horizon Tower One Condominiums is one of the most outstanding developments happened in the central business district of the region. Because of the stable and continuous growth of Angeles City, numerous projects were proposed and some eventually took place and turned out to be a success. One great example of these is Horizon Tower One […]

Savannah Resort Hotel  is a literal field of grass that is mostly found in tropical places. Usually, savannah plains are good source of fresh air and cool breeze that are often visited by tourists for it is a good refuge after a long day of travel. Savannah Resort hotel connotes this concept that will certainly […]