Kang San Ae Unlimited Buffet is again another addition to all the famous Korean diners in Angeles City The name of this place is actually the business’ catchphrase that means “how nice would it be?”. This is a question of how tasty their menu is for it is a thought provoking statement that they have […]

Blue Daisy Restaurant is like a blossoming flower, a famous dining place in Korean Town One of the many trademarks of Korean-owned establishments is their obvious creativity when it comes to the name and stuff. Just like how they were able to conceptualize the idea of naming the restaurant into Blue Daisy. The title of […]

Go GiGib Restaurant is one of the ever existent restaurants inside the district of Korean Town Many people would actually recommend you this dining place for they themselves have tasted the delectable food that only Go GiGib Restaurant offers to the market. For some reasons, people would even come back for more often and trying […]

Oppa Korean Restaurant is a well-known place here in Angeles City Despite the fact that there are already a great number of Korean establishments that can be found within the town, there are still some distinctive places where you can easily spot where quality service and customer satisfaction is prioritize.  Oppa Korean Restaurant belongs to this […]

Yi San Korean Restaurant is surely one of a kind and this dining place is now popular to a lot of customers most especially, to the young people. We may already have a long series of Korean business establishments along the area of Korean Town. Some may also think that having yet another restaurant in this […]