Royal Amsterdam is a perfect picturesque of monarchical scenery that can be witnessed along the street Fields Avenue. Its exteriors have a complex design that looks like a European palace which gives much impression to the guests and passersby. Even from the name itself, guests may already conclude that Royal Amsterdam is one of the […]

Phoenix Hotel is one of the mythical creatures during the ancient times. It symbolizes respect, protection and longevity. Just like how Phoenix Hotel offers to its guests, they ensure quality and safety once they step foot inside the hotel. As a literal phoenix that signifies permanence, this hotel has been firmly standing for 22 years […]

Boomerang Hotel is built near the Perimeter Road in which the entire structure is designed after the ideal shape of a boomerang. Its architectural formation is surely an eye candy because of its distinctive shapes that compliments the entire exteriors of Boomerang hotel. The main lobby is filled with the blend of tawny brown and […]

Shilla Hotel is situated amidst the secluded area of the town and it simply promotes the classical comfort that most travelers are looking for. This is one of the Korean-owned resting places of the city and what is more interesting about it is the Bungalow-type of hotel rooms that will make everyone feel more like […]