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Stardust Bar

Stardust Bar is formerly known as the Tao Bar that has already been a success in the previous years and with its new name Stardust, this club continues with their pursuit of triumph.
This club is definitely a well-thought club because of its peculiarity when it comes to choosing their name. The name or the title plays a vital role to any business establishment because this will bear the totality of the distinctiveness of the business. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Stardust-Angels-002 Amazingly, this club has been through transitions and the previous names it had before were outstanding for those are not the commonly used titles for bars, but rather significant names that were based on its substantial meaning. The term star dust means the magical feeling in the entertainment industry and if taken literally, it is also the sparkly and shiny sprinkles coming from bigger stars.
Star Dust Bar is located along the road of the Walking Street and it is established at the very same place where the former Forbidden City bar was also built. At first, it was a big step for the new owner of the club to still choose the area despite of the unfinished career of the former clubs. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Stardust-Angels-001But as soon as Stardust bar has opened its doors to the public, people started to flock and see for themselves the big improvements that the club has done. Presently, Stardust Bar is known with its world-class dance entertainment and highly energetic performers that are eager to give you a night full of thrill and amusement. Certainly, scrumptious snacks and thirst-quenching drinks that will surely bring you good boozes are served by Stardust’s beautiful waitresses. Stardust Bar is open from 2:00PM to 6:00AM every day.

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