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Shipwrecked Bar

Shipwrecked Bar – Shipwrecks at the middle of the sea are some of the misfortunes that seamen usually encounter.

It has negative connotation to a lot of people knowing that it brings frustrations and fear. On the contrary, the Shipwrecked Bar has altered this kind of perception and see it as an opportunity to create the people’s curiosity behind the bar’s name. Before it ended up with its name as Shipwrecked Bar, it was formerly known as Silk Stockings changed into Tender Touch and turned into One Eyed Wench. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Shipwrecked-Bar-002 As the different name shifts occurred, area modifications took place and it was well enough to bring such improvements to this bar. Shipwrecked bar successfully carried out its theme with the whole club portrayed as a real watercraft made out of fully varnished wood for a classy and realistic look. Even the bar’s ceilings are decked with pieces of wood that adds up to the sea-like ambiance of the place. The entrance door is facing the center stage so that everyone who comes in will be welcomed by the entertaining performances of the dancers. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Shipwrecked-Bar-003Cozy banquette chairs are also placed in front of the platform as well as the counter-tops surrounded by it filled with upholstered metal chairs. Round tables and bar stools are placed in every area of the bar for other customers who wish to have a good night drink. Pool tables, ship’s wheel and other pirate artifacts are displayed in the entire Shipwrecked bar. The size of this bar is relatively small but the whole space is maximized with the clever interior design it has. Shipwrecked bar opens at 2:00PM to 3:00AM.

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