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Score Birds Hotel

Score Birds Hotel has a stunning threshold where you can see a marbled floor with ornamental plants upfront


Its main attraction is its open air restaurant right at their main lobby that is filled up by bamboo-made tables and canopied dining chairs. There you will see the magnificent view of the entire place featuring its spectacularly designed swimming pool at the center of entire hotel. One great thing about Score Birds Hotel is that they are not the usual air-conditioned lobby; instead, it is an open area that will let you gape at the wonderful scene of the venue. Every room is decorated with ogee-patterned bedding provided with fixtures made of mahogany wood. Score Birds Hotel eventually became one of the most sought after hotels because of the grand events they host particularly the splendid shows of the Dollhouse Group. Special occasions and celebrations of Pony Tails, Tropix Bar, Club Atlantis, Crystal Palace, and Club Asia are frequently held at the Score Birds Hotel. Despite of the regular parties happening at the hotel, it still has an ideal location; it is located not too near to the entertainment district but not too far either. It is just exactly the perfect place to rest and unwind. Apart from the entertainment and comfort, Score Birds Hotel has their fantastic “Pole Dance Show” that will leave you overawed, and their Fridays’ “All You Can Eat Buffet” together with their “Dinner Show” featuring the Lion King productions that even families will surely love.

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