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Rainbow Family KTV

Rainbow Family KTV is one of the longest-running businesses that is found near the area of the entertainment district

Even before this place has been known as the city of angels, Rainbow Family KTV has already been established. Before the stardom of Korean Town’s KTV venues, this place has already captured the hearts of the townspeople and opened its doors to the public by introducing its unique way of spending their leisure. Rainbow Family KTV is located along with the other establishments that has been in the city for quite some time. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Rainbow-Family-KTV-001 The place is actually noticeable to the public’s eye because of its enormous signage that is attached to the mirrored structure right on top of the famous convenience store in Angeles City, the 7Eleven. In here, the customers will be able to enjoy the company of their buddies as they do some catching up with each other. For some, this place is a nice place for it is suitable to every member of the family. This only proves that entertainment comes in many ways and one of these is singing in front of the people who values you the most.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Rainbow-Family-KTV-002Rainbow Family KTV is located on the second floor and if you happen to pass by this area make sure to ask where the entrance is for you to easily go inside. Surely enough that you won’t have a hard time tracking its entrance since most of the vendors on the sidewalk knows about this place. People do come here for many reasons and one of these is that Rainbow Family KTV is situated near the Walking Street where series of nightclubs and hangout places are found. Which is also the reason why a lot of foreign visitors come by and spend time here while singing their hearts out.

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