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Perimeter Road

Perimeter Road or also known as Don Juico Avenue is the newest market entrant of the emerging business area of Angeles City. Hotels, Bars and Diners were mostly the usual establishments you will see along thePerimeter Road. The formerly dull and deserted place became one of the vibrant areas of the town. It became the talk of the town when luxurious hotels and condominiums eventually came out. It suddenly bloomed when hotels keep growing and people starts to notice the gradual progress of the area. Everyone was stunned with the continuous improvements of thePerimeter Road. When it comes to the geographical site of thePerimeter Road, we can clearly see that it has the best location. As you pass through its road, you can have a visible view of the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ); it is the redevelopment of Clark Air Base that was formerly owned by the U.S. Military. It was vacated by the U.S. soldiers because of the tragic Mt. Pinatubo eruption. At this present time, Clark is one of the flourished areas in Pampanga because of the massive establishments and business centers located within its vicinity. Large corporations, manufacturing companies and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) are situated here. World-class luxury hotels such as Fontana Leisure Park, Widus Hotel, Oxford Hotel and Stotsenberg Hotel are few of the first-class hotels in Clark. It is good to know that the Perimeter Road is just a few minutes away from Clark so having a good sightseeing will not be a problem. Perimeter Road will be the closest area to all of the commercial buildings surrounding the zone. With all the tourists’ destinations, shopping malls and entertainment district nearby, it will be an ideal location to stay in and it is the only part of the city where series of hotels are located. It is known with its “Hotel Domain” because of the hotel heights and condominiums occupying the length of the Perimeter Road. The assortment of all the hotels will surely suit everyone’s needs. Some of the foreign travelers would prefer staying for a short period of time, some would just want to pass by and would rather choose a place to sleep in regardless of the incremental perks and packages they can gain in a costly resting place at Perimeter Road, but others would want to have a longer stay and would opt for the nicest inns where they can enjoy their leisure time with the family or with a loved one. Moreover, some companies will make appointments and reservations for their corporate activities and other business agendas. As guests and customers increase, the competition amongst the hotels begins and as development continues, marketing strategies elevate at Perimeter Road. A variation often balances the competition. Some of the hotels at Perimeter Road target the common guests or those who prefer to stay for a night or two. While some intends to capture the middle class for a more convenient stay that is enough for a comfortable resting place. On the other hand, a few luxury hotels are willing to offer a once in a lifetime experience and will treat you like a royalty. In spite of all the differences among the class and types of these hotels, it all boils down to one major point, they aim to serve their guests the service that they truly deserve giving them continuous customer satisfaction at Perimeter Road. The preponderance of these hotels is beneficial to the part of the customers. it is not only affordable, it is also practical especially for those guests who only seek for a sleeping place to settle with for a little time or those travelers who were having trouble with their cars or transportation and choose to have a safe place to stay with. The following are the affordable hotels that you may choose from the Brass Knob Hotel, Perimter Hotel, Daniela’s Place Apartelle, Phoenix Hotel, Vera Hotel, Red Tulip Hotel, Sydney Hotel, Tiger Hotel, Red Planet Hotel, Shilla Hotel, Tomobe Hotel, Clarkview Hotel and Eureka Hotel. These are the hotels perfect for those who have stiff finances who would rather enjoy their resources with some other important matters. Even though you may avail these places for a reasonable amount, the services they offer are not compromised; they are still recommended by a lot of travelers and guests. An upgraded level of market is what these hotels are aiming for. Mostly, their prospects are guests who belong to class C and D. Travelers who would like to explore the hidden beauty of Angeles will likely stay with these hotels. They may stay for a week or two and they might look for other amenities of the hotel that will suit their extra needs.These are the hotels for this category in Perimeter Road: Clark Imperial Hotel, Devera Hotel, Maharajah Hotel, Premiere Hotel and Sunset Garden Hotel. These are places suited for summer outing with relatives, university acquaintance party, or simple family get together. Function halls and swimming pools may be added to its amenities. The price range of these hotels is still within your frugal budgets and the good thing about it is that there will be additional facilities you can enjoy plus the aesthetic parts of the hotels are better and eye-catching. It will also mean that you are to expect more rooms and more hotel staff but it will still depend on what strategy the hotel is engaged with. For a more splendid view of the place, a more astonishing customer service, and more relaxing stay, these are the kind of hotels you are looking for at Perimeter Road. These are 3-star hotels that serve quality and high-end services that will make you stay a month longer. These are perfect for couples who celebrate anniversary get away, for families who are on their quality bonding time, for companies who are engaging into a major project or for those who want to treat themselves from the exhausting work they had and wish to unwind. These hotels are prospecting potential customers who belong to the class A and B who are able to afford an extra cost for a much better service and facilities. Hotels like these are Clarkton Hotel, Grandview Hotel, Eurotel, Hotel EuroAisa, Oasis Hotel, Prism Hotel and Savannah Resort Hotel an all along Perimeter Road located. Enjoy your fun time with loved ones or have a perfect “me” time for you to recharge and be ready to face the world again. A one of a kind experience to relish the luxury of time and pamper yourself with the first-class service you will receive from these hotels. The life-changing experience you can have exclusively with these top of the line hotels. We all know that we will only live once; indulging yourself with a lavish lifestyle is not a wise decision, but giving ourselves a time to really enjoy is not being selfish. It is a way for us to know that we too deserve something special even just for once.  Hotels such as Angeles Beach Club Hotel and Lewis Grand Hotel are willing to give you the time of your life. You will feel like a royalty once you step foot to these places for they will give you a service beyond satisfaction. Behold the glamorous suites at Perimeter Road that will surely make your jaws drop. There will be so much more to see and experience with a kind of class and quality offered to you. Discover how it feels to be treated with majesty and for sure, you will not regret it. Truly, the Perimeter Road (Don Juico Avenue) made its way to the history of Angeles City. It has the perfect location and its commercial establishments keep on developing.

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