Penthouse Hotel

Penthouse Hotel is an amazing place to start with and it is definitely one of the up-market hotels in town.
The name already speaks for itself as it conveys its elegant image to the people’s mind. The word “penthouse” means a palatial rooftop apartment that is intended to give a stunningly scenic view. Penthouse Hotel is actually similar to what it really means because of its magnificent aesthetical view inside and out. Luxury that exudes glamour, these are the words that truly define this hotel and it presents lavish ornaments and layouts to make such as beautiful place. It is indeed one of the few skyscrapers of Angeles and its symmetrical structure looks amazing as you see it from afar. Penthouse Hotel epitomizes the modern day comfort as it depicts astonishing designs accompanied by their contemporary setting. Once you enter this place, fine furnishings are the first thing you’ll see from the reception area and you will be welcomed by their wonderful hotel staff that will be pleased to give a hand anytime. Even from the lobby, you can already say that this hotel has been carefully thought out because of the detailed designs and first-class furniture seen from the entire area. Also, you can already feel the luxurious atmosphere of the place with all the lightings and overall interior designs of this hotel.
Penthouse Hotel is a fifteen-storey establishment that presents 82 guestrooms that have fashionable setup adorned classy set of fittings that make every room obviously attractive. Even though the hotel rooms are designed stylishly, convenience and comfort are not compromised for Penthouse Hotel provides a home-like feeling for every resting place they offer. Rooms are classified into six and these are Residential Suite, Penthouse Suite, Superior, Executive, One Bedroom Suite and Junior Penthouse Suite.
Penthouse Hotel features every facet of the hotel and these facilities are definitely superb and exceptional. They have their in-house restaurant where delectable gourmet meals are served, their stunning outdoor pool, café and hot tubs as well as sauna and steam room. You can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and long-time stays are available that comes with discounts and promos. Penthouse Hotel is found along Santos Road near the Field Avenue.

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