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New Orange Bar

New Orange Bar is one of the newly built nightclubs along the prestigious Walking Street.

Since the prominent area of Fields Avenue has been a talk of the town, this newly added night club has its pressure on wishing to deliver satisfaction as expected by the loyal customers of the Fields’ bars. It was the continuation of the former Orange Bar that has been a success in providing the best line up of ladies amongst the bars in the vicinity. A lot of customers have already fallen in love with this club because of the fun-filled nights it gave to the people presenting the sexiest entertainers ever performed on stage. With this kind of notion, people may seem to expect from New Orange Bar because of the previous image that the former bar has created.
New Orange Bar has an appealing exterior design that is entirely covered with fire orange paint with silhouettes of sexy dancers behind the upper logo of the building. The windows have intricate designs too painted with ivory white with stylish frames of window panes together with a white wooden door at the center of the bar. What is seen from the inside is truly amazing because of the fabulous layouts of the interiors and a chic center stage enclosed by modish countertops and surrounded by series of bar stools. Gleaming ceiling lights together with colorful overhead lights are clearly seen from the inside while tables and chairs are properly arranged to give enough gaps in between. A well-stocked bar is located on the side of the stage where customers may have their all-time favorite booze while having the most convenient view of the tonight’s show. Gorgeous performers are the center of attraction once they are up on stage showing their well-rehearsed dance routines. All in all, New Orange Bar is still on its way to making its own reputation by attracting potential customers who will be interested enough to take time and visit this wonderful club.

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