Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s is an internationally acclaimed fast food chain that features the tasty blends of flavors of the Western countries.
It was first called as “Mc Donald’s Bar-B-Q” located at San Bernandino, California started by Mc Donald brothers Dick and Mac in 1940. After a few years, the Mc Donald brothers decided to stop the business and reopens in 1948 as a new drive-in restaurant making hamburgers as one of their specialties. The world’s most famous McFries was launched in the following year together with the Triple Thick Milkshakes. Mc Donald’s was turned upside down after the accidental visit of Ray Kroc who was then an adept salesman and it was indeed a right timing for the bothers since they have been searching for a national franchise agent . Ray Kroc did not think twice and accepted the offer believing that his destiny lies on hamburgers. Kroc’s very first Mc Donald’s was in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955 where the establishment shows a golden arch and a blend of red and white tiles designed by architect Stanley Meston. In the next year came Mr. Fred Turner who was hired by Kroc to be the counter man, little did Kroc know that he made a great decision hiring Turner, for he became Mc Donald’s future head of Operations.
Mc Donald’s has its rich history that made them to the top. Apparently, the company has 36,000 locations worldwide in 100 countries and providing scrumptious meals for millions of people all around the globe. Mc Donald’s believes in three values; they aim to deliver good food, empower good people and continue to be a good neighbor. Mc Donald’s has been able to cater all the important aspects of a business and still continues to strive for quality and going beyond customer satisfaction. This is the company’s way of leaving a remarkable imprint to everyone’s thought building goodwill that lasts for a lifetime.

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