Valentinos Hotel is three-time award winning boutique hotel that can be found within the entertainment district

Its name may be one of the reasons this hotel became a hit to a lot of guests. Valentino’s may come from the term “Valentine” which usually connotes love or affection. Even though its name has nothing to do with the quality of service they have, Valentino’s Hotel has somehow made noise to the public with its Excellence Award received from a prominent hotel reviews site. Once you take a good look of this hotel, you will surely be impressed with its simple yet elegant exterior designs.  It is a three-storey building decked with a thematic color of cream and white layout that is composed of 22 amazingly cozy rooms with essential amenities.

Valentino’s Hotel is strategically located within the vicinity of the entertainment haven of the town as to offer a more serene and unruffled resting place for guests who wish to have a good night sleep. This hotel offers rooms such as Deluxe, Balcony and Executive in which nine of these rooms have its private balconies equipped with chairs and tables for nice breakfast scenery. Every room is fully air-conditioned and is surely filled with sophistication and elegance furnished with beautiful sets of furniture, mini-bar, Cable TV and in-room safe plus their complimentary Wi-Fi. Valentino’s Hotel features their in-house café and bar located at the main lobby where they can order their favorite cocktail mixes or their well-loved coffee blends. Valentino’s Hotel has a nice calming atmosphere that makes them one of the topmost boutique hotels of the town.

Brass Knob Hotel is another type of an all-in-one place business establishment.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Don-Juico-Avenue-Brass-Knob-HotelIt is a hotel, a restaurant and bar with pool tables. It is a complete package wherein you need not to go far from your resting place just to have an entertaining night and a scrumptious meal. Although Brass Knob hotel went through series of renovations and reconstructions, it came out to be one of the attractive hotels in town. Its exteriors are surely an eye candy to most of the passersby because of the two-story structure subdivided by decorative balconies that are decked with wooden balusters. All in all, Brass Knob hotel is composed of 18 well-designed rooms wherein eight of these rooms are consist of King/Queen sized bed with balconies. All hotel rooms are fully air-conditioned with 21-inch Cable TV, DVD, mini bar, hot & cold showers and free coffee and tea every day. For a soothing comfort and a more relaxing stay, massage services are offered to help relieve body pains.  The brass Knob hotel also features their Roof Garden filled with Palm trees for a fresher air as well as an outdoor diner with an open bar and Jacuzzi. They have Standard, Executive and Deluxe room categories.  Manila airport and Subic transport services are also offered. The Brass Knob hotel is built along the Fields Avenue near the Hotel EuroAsia with a few minutes away from the Clark zone and SM City Clark and a few streets away from the Walking Street.

Grace Crown Hotel is one of the finest resting places of the city that conveys finesse and poise as it delivers guest satisfaction and delight.

Angeles-City-Mc-Arthur-Grace-Crown-HotelThe name bears it all as this magnificent hotel takes its way to fame as tourists and frequent guests keep coming back for the enchanting beauty of this hotel. Unveil the marvelous sophistication of Grace Crown hotel as you come and enter its threshold and see for yourself.  Grace Crown Hotel is undeniably opulent and the entire aesthetic view of the place is simply captivating. The whole thematic aura of the hotel is warm and chic that is why every guest who stays here feels esteemed and good. One important key to make a place worth staying is the atmosphere created not only by the material things used to make up the whole place but also it is by the people who comprise the company. This hotel is composed of beautiful furnishings with beautiful people that are willing to welcome every guest with arms wide open. As their motto says, “Where luxury meets comfort” this is a kind of place where all your senses are being exercised also, the warmth that you experience beyond what the eyes could see.
Grace Crown Hotel was a newly established hotel of Angeles City and as it starts to bind itself to the industry, it has been prepared to live up to its value proposition. It was launched in 2014 where it opened its doors to those comfort-seeking guests who wish to relish their experience at this hotel first-hand. Grace Crown Hotel is an eight-storey edifice that is consist of 108 homely yet stunning guestrooms that are lavishly arranged and comes with modern and spacious room layouts. Each of these rooms are complemented by their fine furnishings and essential room amenities that are high-quality and well-maintained. There are four room categories and these are Deluxe with 1 queen size bed, Deluxe twin room, Executive suite and Family suite that could accommodate up to eight persons with kids and infant included.
Grace Crown Hotel also features its in-house “Nineteen Degrees Restaurant” located at the ground floor that serve mouthwatering international cuisines and gourmet meals. Moreover, high-class facilities are also offered at Grace Crown Hotel and in here you can enjoy their own café, make use of their meeting facilities and fitness area as well as the hotel’s in-house sauna. Grace Crown Hotel is found along the long road of McArthur Highway amongst the busy area of Balibago.

Galaxy Hotel is modestly built along the paths of Fields Avenue and it is an edifice among the series of bars within the “Walking Street”, the infamous entertainment avenue of Angeles City.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Galaxy-HotelHere, you’ll have a greater chance to have a close encounter of the city’s night life. Galaxy Hotel is a Korean owned business consisting of 51 well-appointed rooms with essential facilities for a more comfortable stay. It is covered with an ivory white structure from the outside and brown shaded balcony on its threshold along with an open dining place. Also, it is surrounded by decorated pendant bowl chandeliers that perfectly light up the area. Galaxy Hotel’s enormous swimming pool is one of the main features of the hotel because aside from it being well-preserved, it has a beautiful ambience throughout the area. Another good thing about this hotel is their in-house diner “Ssay Korean Resto Bar” that serves a wide variety of delectable cuisines. They have their very own travel agency “Oher Travel” where you can book flights and plan your hotel accommodations. Each room has its own unique features with contemporary designs furnished with a stylish set of furniture. The atmosphere is apparently cozy and relaxing with ivory white painted walls while floor textures may vary depending on the room category.

Score Birds Hotel has a stunning threshold where you can see a marbled floor with ornamental plants upfront


Its main attraction is its open air restaurant right at their main lobby that is filled up by bamboo-made tables and canopied dining chairs. There you will see the magnificent view of the entire place featuring its spectacularly designed swimming pool at the center of entire hotel. One great thing about Score Birds Hotel is that they are not the usual air-conditioned lobby; instead, it is an open area that will let you gape at the wonderful scene of the venue. Every room is decorated with ogee-patterned bedding provided with fixtures made of mahogany wood. Score Birds Hotel eventually became one of the most sought after hotels because of the grand events they host particularly the splendid shows of the Dollhouse Group. Special occasions and celebrations of Pony Tails, Tropix Bar, Club Atlantis, Crystal Palace, and Club Asia are frequently held at the Score Birds Hotel. Despite of the regular parties happening at the hotel, it still has an ideal location; it is located not too near to the entertainment district but not too far either. It is just exactly the perfect place to rest and unwind. Apart from the entertainment and comfort, Score Birds Hotel has their fantastic “Pole Dance Show” that will leave you overawed, and their Fridays’ “All You Can Eat Buffet” together with their “Dinner Show” featuring the Lion King productions that even families will surely love.

Wild Orchid Resort is one of a kind hotel where you will discover for yourself their extravagant hotel experience

Angeles-City-Wild-Orchid-ResortOrchids are easily distinguished with its unique characteristics and quality that make it so distinctive compared to the other flowers. Just like a typical orchid, this hotel has been a great risk for its owners because of its grand idea about the entire layout of this enormous hotel. But by the time that it was launched in 2005, its success was unstoppable. Its exteriors have a wide and curved structure that gives a broad façade of the hotel and a large parking space in front. Once you enter the hotel premises, you can already have a good look of their facilities such as their own travel agency and their featured “Sarong Cocktail Lounge” where customers may enjoy watching their favorite sports game while being served by lovely attendants. The front desk office is found on the left side of the ground floor decked with first-class rattan-woven furniture. Also, a chic staircase with wrought iron banisters and gold-plated hand rails is seen right next to the reception area.

Wild Orchid Resort is composed of three levels that consist of 55 glamorous rooms filled with comfortable beds and fine furnishings that come with complete room amenities. It also features their Tradewinds Bar & Restaurant located alongside the swimming pool. Their in-house dining place serves delectable dishes from local to international cuisines. Aside from all these hotel perks.

Wild Orchid Resort has been widely known with its intricately designed swimming pools with Jacuzz is within it that serves as the hotel’s main attraction. Each of these pools is built with a pool bar at the center to accommodate outdoor parties and celebrations. Some of the town’s entertainment clubs usually celebrate their special events at Wild Orchid’s swimming pools. Wild Aces Poker Sports Club and their in-house gym are also included with the highlighted facilities that Wild Orchid Resort has to offer.

Penthouse Hotel is an amazing place to start with and it is definitely one of the up-market hotels in town.
The name already speaks for itself as it conveys its elegant image to the people’s mind. The word “penthouse” means a palatial rooftop apartment that is intended to give a stunningly scenic view. Penthouse Hotel is actually similar to what it really means because of its magnificent aesthetical view inside and out. Luxury that exudes glamour, these are the words that truly define this hotel and it presents lavish ornaments and layouts to make such as beautiful place. It is indeed one of the few skyscrapers of Angeles and its symmetrical structure looks amazing as you see it from afar. Penthouse Hotel epitomizes the modern day comfort as it depicts astonishing designs accompanied by their contemporary setting. Once you enter this place, fine furnishings are the first thing you’ll see from the reception area and you will be welcomed by their wonderful hotel staff that will be pleased to give a hand anytime. Even from the lobby, you can already say that this hotel has been carefully thought out because of the detailed designs and first-class furniture seen from the entire area. Also, you can already feel the luxurious atmosphere of the place with all the lightings and overall interior designs of this hotel.
Penthouse Hotel is a fifteen-storey establishment that presents 82 guestrooms that have fashionable setup adorned classy set of fittings that make every room obviously attractive. Even though the hotel rooms are designed stylishly, convenience and comfort are not compromised for Penthouse Hotel provides a home-like feeling for every resting place they offer. Rooms are classified into six and these are Residential Suite, Penthouse Suite, Superior, Executive, One Bedroom Suite and Junior Penthouse Suite.
Penthouse Hotel features every facet of the hotel and these facilities are definitely superb and exceptional. They have their in-house restaurant where delectable gourmet meals are served, their stunning outdoor pool, café and hot tubs as well as sauna and steam room. You can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and long-time stays are available that comes with discounts and promos. Penthouse Hotel is found along Santos Road near the Field Avenue.

Didis Pizza Restaurant is a prominent pizza joint that has been everybody’s favorite for years

Angeles-City-Mc-Arthur-Balibago-Didis-PizzaThis dining place is not as grand as the other spacious diners around the town but people keep coming back here because of the cozy and sophisticated atmosphere that Didis Pizza has. The well-known pizza place that we enjoy now was first established in 1970 that is why most of our parents know about how amazing this place is. Indeed, this restaurant has never lost its charm and over the years of its existence, it has successfully catered loyal customers that passed down their experience to their children.Didis Pizza has been one of the famous restaurants in town wherein customers celebrate their special days such as their anniversary, simple birthday party and many other occasions. One good thing about Didis Pizza is its exquisite atmosphere wherein customers may enjoy the slightly mellow lighting while digging into their sumptuous meals. Also, fabulous tables and chairs fill up the entire place arranged in a stylish manner. Another amazing thing about this fabulous dining place is their food attendants that are undeniably prompt and professional.  If you were to observe them, you will be amazed with the way they record your orders without using a pen and paper. After they’re done taking your orders, they will also repeat everything for you so as to lessen the chances of making mistakes in giving your orders.
Didis Pizza Restaurant offers inexpensive foods that specialize in western cuisines that customers truly love. “Distinctly Prepared…Deliciously Perfect” is the popular catchphrase of this restaurant and some of their delicious specialties are their square-shaped Pizza Combination oozing with mozzarella cheese and fresh herbs, juicy beef and other tasty toppings, Pizza Burger that is incredibly mouthwatering, Sizzling Pork Sisig, Fried Chicken and their specially made Barbeque Ribs. Didis Pizza is widely known because of its delivery services in which all of its customers enjoy.

Clark Star Hotel is a three-star hotel located within the vicinity of Balibago where the entertainment district lies

Angeles-City-Balibago-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Clark-Star-HotelThis resting place is definitely worth a visit and if you happen to pass by the Bayanihan Park, the famous trademark of the town, Clark Star Hotel is right across the main road that leads to the SM Shopping Malls and it is just minutes away from all the entertaining places of the entire city. Series of hotels and well known dining places are built along the street where Clark Star is situated. Strategically, it has a nice location considering that it is along the highway where a lot of potential guests and frequent commuters and passersby walk along.
Clark Star Hotel is a three-story building that is composed of 32 well-designed rooms and functional facilities that every guest will truly enjoy. Its exteriors are mainly shaded with mint green and white with an impressive architectural structure that makes it visible even from afar. Once you enter the hotel premises, first thing you will see is their stylish main lobby that is decorated with parallel-shaped patterns on the walls right next to where the reception area is placed. Beautiful caged chandeliers are also seen from the main lobby and the hotel stairs that will lead you to the first set of rooms. Clark Star Hotel offers three types of rooms namely, Standard, Deluxe and Penthouse. Every room is fully air-conditioned and decked with their thematic color of mint green that comes with very comfortable beds and sets of fine furniture complimented by their essential amenities. Hotel facilities such as in-house café and restaurant, transport services, hotel club and massage services are also available.