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Kings Landing bar

KINGS LANDING BAR – Many people may not be familiar with the place called “King’s Landing” that is widely known because of the ever-famous TV series in UK, the Game of Thrones. It was a clever decision to make such a unique name that will catch the attention of the public especially those who are Game of Thrones fanatics. In the series, it is one of the kingdoms where the richest and most lavish people reside. As to what many customers anticipate, Kings Landing bar has been certainly vindicated with the name they chose to bear. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Kings-Landing-Bar-001 Based from what you can see on the outside, the structure of this bar is distinctive, instead of building it with the customary walls, it is built by rock-like walls that look like a cave hidden under the mountains. Even the entrance door is fashioned after the wooden doors of the olden times. Before Kings Landing was known, it was formerly called as Volcano Bar which suits its exteriors then it was changed into Lancelot until it end up being the Kings Landing bar. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Kings-Landing-Bar-002The center stage is decked with gold-plated bar counter tops, surrounded by gold-plated overhead lights and crown-like figure of the center light. Bar stools are upholstered with blue fabric, while dining tables are painted with blue and gold surrounding it. Their wet bar is lavishly decorated as if a royalty has come to have a drink. Overall theme focuses on the majestic ambiance that every customer will surely be amazed with. Everyone who will enter Kings Landing bar will be treated as kings and queens just like how its title literally means.

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