Jumong Korean Restaurant

Jumong Korean Restaurant is one of the simple Asian diner that is found to some of the areas of the town

Are you craving for a hot and spicy ramyun? Or have you been desiring to have a taste of Samgyeopsal again? Well if these are your questions in mind then you have come to the right place. This is a good dining place to try for it serves the most delicious Korean food in the city. This place is very famous to a lot of Kpop fans especially the young people who have been engrossed with the different K-dramas that they watched from  the television. It is actually a good marketing strategy by being able to introduce another culture to the Filipinos. What happened is that they have been showing lots of drama shows along with their colorful themed TV series that gradually introduced their norms and standards to the people.
Jumong Korean Restaurant serves a complete package of Korean food that ranges from their staple food, kimchi up to their Korean barbecue that is famous with its secret marinating sauce making the meat more tender and tastier. Aside from the menu, this restaurant is widely known with their various food promos that is very ideal to group customers or those who bring their friends with their food trip. These special offers highly suggest that customers should bring a bigger group for them to have a bigger discount. Also, eating with your old buddies and family while enjoying the freshly cooked samgyeopsal is another rewarding thing when visiting Jumong Korean Restaurant. Each branch of this diner shows a distinct design that adds up to the overall image of the restaurant. This is one good idea to let the customers feel that they are someone special seeing all the effort that are manifested with the restaurant’s layout and decorations.

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