Jollibee Foods Corporation or simple Jollibee is one of the Filipino favorites and it has been a trademark of the country’s family-oriented culture. Surprisingly, the Jollibee that we know today is not what it is during its previous years. The story began from Mr. Tony Tan‘s family spearheading the very first branch of the famous fast food chain, but it started off to be a Magnolia ice cream parlor in 1975. Three years after, Jollibee earned as much as P2M during its first year in 1978 having seven branches and making everybody’s favorite “Yumburger” as the primary product. Years have passed and the restaurant gradually included different Jollibee meals that most of us enjoy today like the Jolly Spaghetti that was added in 1979, French fries and Chicken Joy added in 1980 the same year that the iconic Jollibee mascot was introduced and the Jolly Fiesta that was added in 1982. In the history of this fast food chain, a major breakthrough happened in 1983 where the Langhap-Sarap TV was launched. Along with the continuous journey of Jollibee in the food industry comes with the series of transitions and improvements went by and truly enough that the company has been in its pursuit of success becoming the leading fast food chain in the Philippines. It is because of its promotion of the genuine Filipino identity that made Jollibee to the top, clearly, the company focuses on catering every Filipino family which adds up to the appeal for its targeted market. Jollibee Foods Corporation is now one of the best business establishments nationwide not only because of its expressed profitability and growth but also because of its various acts of kindness towards the less privileged. Jollibee reaches out to indigent people in many ways and they have created numerous programs and corporate events. They offer scholarships or what they call Skills Enhancement and Educational Development for Students (SEEDS), “Maaga ang Pasko” Christmas gift-giving, and the Jollibee Foundation which includes entrepreneurship programs for farmers, AID program and “Busog, Lusog, Talino” (BLT) school feeding program for kids.

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