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Insomnia Bar

Insomnia Bar – Literally, the word insomnia points to a sleep disorder where people suffer from sleeplessness or the inability to sleep at night. Our body is designed to be awake in the morning and asleep in the night. Insomnia bar has made the “insomnia” term in a positive side where they can be a cure for those who can’t help but stay wide awake at night. From the bar’s exteriors, the actual illustration of a nocturnal person is well depicted because of the dark blue overall paint of the building complement by the two bright moons looking cool and smiling towards the entrance door. Center stage is elevated from the bar’s overall floor and it is surrounded by bar counter-tops and bar stools. Insomnia bar interiors are shaded with hot pink walls and black banquette couches for comfortable view of the night’s performances. Since this bar wants to portray the insomniac atmosphere, the entire floor as well as the ceiling is painted with pitch black to convey to its customers that this is how Insomnia bar feels like. Also, to make it more realistic, they have their ceiling painted with stars and moons that glow to look like the real night sky. The main highlight of this bar is their fireman’s pole that is accessible to each floor where the dancers can slide down right at the center stage and it is basically intended for their performer’s dancing routines. Undoubtedly, this bar has given a brand new connotation of insomnia.

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