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Hotel Sogo Dau

Hotel Sogo Dau belongs to one of the best budget hotels nationwide

Angeles_City_Dau_Sogo_HotelThere are already more than 30 branches of Sogo Hotel existing in the country and it has been widely known with its catchphrase “So clean…So good”. Undoubtedly, Sogo Hotels have catered a lot of guests who were captivated with their simple yet appealing company credo. The hotel is a manifestation of a Japanese ambience that also conveys the literal meaning of the term “sogo”, which is defined as “harmony”. This is also the brainchild of the two adept businessmen who were in the hotel industry for decades. Originally, the concept is just about pursuing good sanitation and quality of service and it all turned out to be the most successful motel chain in the Philippines. Hotel Sogo definitely lived up to its company motto as they were famous with their flawlessly clean hotel rooms and facilities that actually represent one of the Japanese attributes. The hotel has been in the business for more than 20 years since its launch in 1993.
Meanwhile, Hotel Sogo in Dau is currently the closest branch to Angeles City and it is strategically located amidst the busy intersection of Mabalacat Bus Terminal where prominent commercial buildings and shopping centers are situated. It is a four-story edifice that is composed of 75 distinctive rooms that are designed in such wide variations and promotes different kinds of themes. Hotel rooms are classified into five and these are Premium, Deluxe, Executive, Club and Suite and all of these are decked with innovative layout and modern designs. Amenities such as massage services, in-house café, hot tubs and meeting facilities are also offered at Hotel Sogo Dau. One great thing about this hotel is the economical price range that Hotel Sogo offers and these are available in all branches.

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