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Eureka Hotel

Eureka Hotel is one of the most affordable hotels located alongside the Perimeter Road

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Hotel-Eureka-002Even though the price range may seem at a very low cost, the experience they give and services they provide are not compromised. Eureka hotel always guarantees satisfaction to its guests. From the hotel’s main entrance, a wide and spacious lobby with the front desk corner welcomes you with a smile. With the lobby enclosed with cream painted walls, the place itself created a light ambience that looks neat and clean. Right after the reception area, glass doors will lead you to where the rooms are. Eureka Hotel may be modest when we talk of its parameters but essential amenities are still present that guests can fully enjoy. Every room is fully air-conditioned with internet access and LCD Cable TV. This is where customers’ practicality equates their service quality. Eureka Hotel offers you their three room categories. They have Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Twin Rooms. Each room is painted with a mix of beige and granola colored walls, marbled tiles and curtains with three shades of green in it. Beds and pillows are covered with spotless white blankets and pillowcases furnished with chairs and a table that are made up of wood. Another good thing about Eureka Hotel is their offer for long-time stay which is inarguably inexpensive. Also, they have their special packages that will be perfect for guests who wish to cut off their budget but still expect good service.  Eureka Hotel is the best place for everyone who wants to have their money’s worth.

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