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Dollhouse Bar

Dollhouse Bar is one of the pioneering clubs that offers an all-day fun for its customers. An artistic design from the outer view of the Dollhouse Bar impresses the people of how distinct this club is. The walls bearing effigies of doll-like images evidently embellished the entire structure of the club that created an impact to the passers-by and therefore leaves them wondering how does it feel entering the place.  Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Doll-House-Bar-001A dollhouse often indicates the imaginative minds of a child but on the other way around, Dollhouse Bar has manifested this fantasy into a reality in a more matured way.  From the inside you can clearly see the center stage surrounded by stools for a closer look while there are chairs and tables on the upper levels of the area for those who want to have a more private space. It has a lofty ceiling for good ventilation suitable for a big crowd and all-night party. One of the great highlights of Dollhouse is their “Lingerie Show” featuring their lovely ladies, The Cats Unlimited and Rolling Thunder with their regular “Throwback Thursdays” and “Black Tape Project” shows. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Doll-House-Bar-002Dollhouse’s in-house “Wet Bar” that is commendable with its consistently clean and well taken care of.  The color mix of azure and purple dominates the whole club. Dollhouse Bar aims to make the most of their dancers’ performance by making them the center of attraction. Dollhouse bar is located at the threshold of the Walking Street where the amusement begins.

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