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Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace was founded on December 2002 from its first name “Pick-Up Disco” to “Heartbreaker”, the bar itself has gone through a lot of transitions

Their initial objective was to offer a non-girls bar eventually changed after it was sold to the Dollhouse Group and changed its name into Crystal Palace.  After the Dollhouse Group of bars acquired Heartbreaker turned Crystal Palace, it was a major transformation of the club. The former non-girly bar was changed into a go-go bar and the people starts to flock for it became one of the famous bars of the town. The interior design is a palace-inspired look with colors of scarlet and gold perfect for a more sophisticated ambience. Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Crystal-Palace-Bar-Club-001Crystal Palace introduced the 3-storey clubhouse that is conducive for an optimal view of entertainment. Surrounded by flamboyant style and majestic setting makes you feel like a royalty.  The entire club is filled with intricately designed lounge chairs that are surely comfortable to sit in. Crystal Palace also has Pool tables made especially for the gentlemen to demonstrate their skills and make their signature angle shots. One of the main events of Crystal Palace is their Cultural Nights: Faces of the Palace wherein graceful dancers show off their talents with the groups namely: Fantastic Tribe, Dynamic Force, Solid Gold and High Intensity. Some of the events conduct collaborations with Dollhouse Group of Bars and these are mainly the highly competitive bars in the area of the Walking Street.

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