Oppa Korean Restaurant is a well-known place here in Angeles City Despite the fact that there are already a great number of Korean establishments that can be found within the town, there are still some distinctive places where you can easily spot where quality service and customer satisfaction is prioritize.  Oppa Korean Restaurant belongs to this […]

Kokomos Restaurant is part of the MAC group of bars and the extension of the Kokomo’s Suites This hotel is a family business that mainly prospects the mid-range market that are interested enough to have an extraordinary hotel experience. This is actually a good place especially for those frequent bar hoppers who love the night-long […]

Crystal Palace was founded on December 2002 from its first name “Pick-Up Disco” to “Heartbreaker”, the bar itself has gone through a lot of transitions Their initial objective was to offer a non-girls bar eventually changed after it was sold to the Dollhouse Group and changed its name into Crystal Palace.  After the Dollhouse Group […]

After Dark Bar is one of the famous night clubs in Angeles City and it has been years since it first opened its doors to the public. This place oozes with fun and entertainment as they continuously deliver satisfying performances every night and all of their favorites boozes and beverages are available here. After Dark […]

Gecko’s Bar is one of the premiere bars of the entertainment district. According to the ancient beliefs, geckos are known to bring a lot of fortune and somehow, Gecko’s bar is presently enjoying this luck for they have been widely known by a lot of bar patrons and tourists of the city’s entertainment district. Just […]

Lollipop Bar is like a fantasy bar of the town wherein customers will certainly enjoy the totality of entertainment it offers every single night. Lollipop usually connotes delight and when we were still a child it is actually one of our favorite treats. Lollipops are multi-colored candies that come with swirled texture and it is […]