Sempai Japanese Restaurant is a favorite dining places of a lot of locals because of the wide variety of food choice offered at this dining place Most of the people prefer eating Japanese cuisines because of its distinctive tastes that brings delight to the palette. Japanese food is known because of the healthy ingredients and […]

Kang San Ae Unlimited Buffet is again another addition to all the famous Korean diners in Angeles City The name of this place is actually the business’ catchphrase that means “how nice would it be?”. This is a question of how tasty their menu is for it is a thought provoking statement that they have […]

Jun Jun’s Restaurant is definitely a must-try if you happened to pass by the popular area of Korean Town This dining place is perfect for travelers who are looking for genuine authentic Filipino cuisines. Good thing, the restaurant is just around the corner and it is located along the main road that is why it […]

Single Bungle Makchang is a Korean restaurant that has been in the city for quite some time Even before the Korean town was ever built, this is one of the pioneering diners in Angeles city that serves the most delicious Korean cuisines to the townspeople. This is a classical favorite especially for those people who […]

Go GiGib Restaurant is one of the ever existent restaurants inside the district of Korean Town Many people would actually recommend you this dining place for they themselves have tasted the delectable food that only Go GiGib Restaurant offers to the market. For some reasons, people would even come back for more often and trying […]