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Apo Market

Apo Market is the most famous bargain stalls you will see that is located at the heart of Angeles City. If you live at the center of the business district in Angeles, you might be familiar with the locals’ term “Apo Day”. This is a common day for many but to those who are planning to shop and buy products at their lowest price, this is an extra special day. Apo Market is found within the streets of what they usually call the Downtown. Aside from its market, Apo is actually the name of the city patron that is seen at the well-known Apo Mamacalulu (Merciful Lord) Shrine. Devotees would come here every Friday as they say their personal prayers to the patron wishing that the Merciful Lord would answer their every requests. Formerly, it was used to be visited by the devotees but as the years go by, the people grows more and more and it is not only about the church masses, it is because of the emergence of the market wherein products are sold half of its original price. If you were to see the seller’s’ preparation the night before Friday, you will be able to observe the great bulk of their merchandise that are to be displayed on the next day. Apo Market sells all sorts of products ranging from clothes, to kitchen appliances, to accessories, shoes and many more. Preloved branded clothes belong to the best-selling merchandise here in Apo Market. For those who would want to have the best deal, they should learn how to use the old-time technique of practicality and that is to haggle with the vendor. All the products here may not be as classy as compared to the ones we used to see and buy at the mall but it is guaranteed that you will have the best finds. Apo Market with its flourishing success has become a great landmark of the city of Angeles.

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